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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2005 at 12:10am
Current mood: irritated
Music: typing.
Subject: we real niggas; ya'll hoes.
so carissa is meeting stephen with me after 5th period now. did anyone care to know how i felt about this? apparently not. i mean; its not like i can be all "i dont want you to walk with us." i work with her now and i dont wanna start drama. these past few days have been hell. alison got her friends to call me 4953475 times. so i called her and bitched her out. she bitched me out as well. i wont make myself look big and bad or anything. all she kept saying was fuck and i was like dude chill out. and whatnot. it was kinda funny actually. then on top of that my brother found my pack of cigarettes when i went to tim browns house. i guess they just happened to "fall" out of my purse. but whatever. i took them back. i found them in my moms purse. and she came in and shes like "give 'em to me". and i played it dumb; ofcorse. and i was like "im gunna give them to my friend so she can have them". OHHHH. tim brown burned me a cd with a bunch of cool bands. i only know a few though.
panic! at the disco. (my favorite band of all time.)
blood brothers.
and i dont know the others. i'll find out who they are. theyre really good though. :) thanks to tim. im going to his house after school; my mom doesnt know yet; but i dont care. we're going to tell the bus driver that im his cousin or something. lol. i dont really have anything else to say. and i dont feel like typing anymore.
i love my jordan michael chandler.

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12-03-05 12:26pm

Wow.. I just noticed that you started updating this thingie mah bobber.

Wow.. lots of stuff I see. I haven't read further down, but do you like this Stephen dude? If so, that chick.. I dunno. She sounds psyhco. But most chicks are, at least at my school.

I love ze Blood Brothers. Never heard of the other band though.

Kay. I'll keep reading. Just cause I won't have anything better to do. Nah just kidding.

Amanda <33

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Re:, 12-03-05 3:08pm

lol. shes not pyscho.
and yes; i do like him.

thanks; kiddo.

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Re:, 12-05-05 12:13pm

Well now that I have more time to reply; i'll finish.
I only update it while I'm in 6th period. But it's only for this semester. This is my last week in this class. Sadly.

I didn't really expect anyone to read this; actually.
Again; yes I like Stephen. But, he has a girlfriend, sadly.
Carissa.. well she's lets just say "ditzy". Todays Stephens birthday and she went all out OBSESSED. And made a shirt that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHEN on the front and on the back it said I LOVE YOU MOST. it kinda pissed me off. But i'll write about that in the entry I'm going to post when I'm done writing this. So you have a choice whether you want to read it or not. Lol.

If you want some real entertainment; you should read the entry about me ex-bestfriend Alison; if you haven't read it.


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