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Defiant (profile) wrote,
on 12-2-2005 at 4:52pm
Guess who's got a new apartment. That's right. I just have to wait a week until it opens up but it'll be tight. I already have the down payment and first months rent all handled. I'm leasing it with my buddy Torrell. It's a two bedroom at Old Orchard apartments. Well I never know what to say at the end and usually just leave it hanging so this is the last sentence I'm going to type. I promise.
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12-02-05 9:40pm

ohh...that wasn't the last sentence. Thought you could trick us all huh? yea, I'm good.

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12-06-05 12:16am

:) goood James.

p.s. I'll have to run-attack-hug-scare you again sometime when I see you working.

[still miss you.]

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