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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2005 at 11:56am
ugh.. i can NOT believe we have a snow day today.

last night i filled out 70 fucking christmas cards for staff appreciation (student senate committe) and now what.. i give them to them AFTER christmas? not to mention i bought a whole bunch of food to put in the staff lounge... now its just sitting in my kitchen. BAH...

and i was really looking forward to drama. i made peanut butter balls last night and everything. GAH.

oh.. and i better say goodbye to saturdays. thursdays are gone. but hey "its only for 4 months" yeah the rest of my senior year.. GOOD thing it wont be focused on me. fuck that.

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12-16-05 1:41pm

I know. I was so excited about Drama and I worried about everyone making food then having it sit there. Grrr.

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12-16-05 2:34pm

hey.. there should be complaining about snowdays... we all got to sleep in and that is agreat christmas gift from mother nature and the superattendant... lol... ah i was happy.. but i can see why you would be upset..
erika.. 7:00 tomorrow.. high school parking lot! don't be late!
love ya much xoxo. linds

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12-16-05 5:20pm

Yeah I was excited too! Oh well...

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12-16-05 11:44pm

lol yeah i made christmas cards too but i wasn't TOO disappointed because i HATE SCHOOL!

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12-17-05 1:48am


I missed peanut butter balls? *cries*
No... really. I am very upset about this. *hugs*

HELLO MOTO *dances*

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