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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2005 at 8:35pm
And behold! For I have returned home!

by the way, My birthday party has been green-lighted...

...either on sunday (18th) or monday (19th) please let me know when you all can come. I have no idea what the plans are so far, but there will be cookies and candy and probably some (slightly) more nutritious foods as well. Everyone who can find this page is invited, but PLEASE let me know before you head over.

So, aye, that is all for now.

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12-16-05 10:55pm

Hm, I work Sunday morning and am then going to the movies with my family, and I work Monday night, so I guess Sunday might be best, after the movie and everything. :D

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12-17-05 12:04am

Yay! I am game for either night. I have no life ;p

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12-16-05 11:46pm

Sunday is family Christmas, Monday we'll be leaving. Sorry, but I probably won't be able to come ;_;

Happy birfday early though!

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12-17-05 12:31am

I can do either.

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Re:, 12-17-05 10:52am

Well i work sunday till 6, but after that im game, and then monday im open all day so either one ill be there.

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