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jeeber4u (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-2005 at 12:42am
From the Do's and Don'ts of picking up girls at the computer lab

DO look at Facebook

In the Church of College, Facebook is a God, second in power only to the dieties of Beer and Marijuana. If you want to get closer to a girl, let her see that you're checking you're profile, or maybe adding something inspired like Caddyshack II to your "favorite movies" list. She will probably say something like, "Oh, you're on Facebook?" And you should reply, "Yes, my lamb, and you?" She will invariably reply, "Yes," because every single person in college is on Facebook. If you're lucky, she'll tell you her name, and you can add her to your friends list, if you think she's good enough. Then it's on to months of faux-sexual poking, wall messages, and never seeing each other face-to-face again.
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12-17-05 9:56am

"3 1/2 floppy? No, I've made some serious upgrades."


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12-17-05 10:14am

That's what I do on Facebook Jeebs. Mwahaha. :-P

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