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eyesofcrystal (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2005 at 10:08pm
Well, Tony is still in Florida. I still dont know how much longer he is gonna be there. I want him to come home soon though. He doesnt need to be around the people he is around right now. He needs to be home with people who care about him.
I've spent most of the night on the computer looking for Airports near the place Tony is staying in Florida. And then the rest of the night was spent looking for tickets for him. The cheapest one we found was about $260. The rest are anywhere between $260-$400. And thats if he leaves on either the 19th or 20th. If he has to get flown back later than that...well we cant find tickets any cheaper than about $600. And we definitly dont have that kind of money. But I guess thats what this family gets for trusting someone likfe Brad. We all had a bad feeling about this, and should have went with our gut...but no. Now we are gonna get screwed out of a lot of money because Brad probly wont pay us back like we are gonna try to make him do. God he pisses me off. I will be so happy when Tony stops being friends with him.
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12-19-05 9:31am

Look at the positive. You'll have your baby for Christmas...

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Re:, 12-19-05 2:09pm

Yea, thats all that really matters to me i guess. I just dont like the fact that Tony was SO excited to go, and then it turns out he got lied to and now he's having a horrible time. It just makes me feel bad.

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