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tesunai (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2005 at 2:42pm
Current mood: blah
i dont really know what to think bout my cousin movin to florida, im not gunna sit here and complain bout him going or try to talk him outa it, but there is something i want to say, even if he doesnt read this. i realy think the bartending thing is a waste of time when he could be doing so much more, he could make a great living with his artistic talants.. its just to bad he'll never put them to good use...its sorta disapointing... but its his life he can do what he wants, if its not important to him to do what he loves who am i to say anything.. happy and live well brad...
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12-19-05 3:41pm

Don't worry. I'll visit you, I promise.
Don't feel bad, just remember the talk we had. You're being calm compared to how I was being, lol.

It's sad though, really.
Ah well. What can ya do?

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