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brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2005 at 12:58am
this is now friends only.
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12-22-05 1:18pm

may i be a friend?

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12-22-05 1:43pm

:( sad face. Am I a friend? let's all hang out tonight.

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12-22-05 1:48pm

Good plan. :)

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12-22-05 1:50pm

Sorry I didnt mean to make you mad. :( I feel bad now really bad.

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I don't know..., 12-22-05 3:29pm

I don't know why you deleted your last entry... but if it's because of other people pissing you off that really sucks. You HAVE THE RIGHT to write whatever YOU want in YOUR OWN journal. I'm glad I made the list;).

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12-22-05 5:52pm

may i be honored with being part of that beautiful list my darling erika?

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12-22-05 11:06pm

It's the best way to go, darlin'.

People are just assholes.

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12-23-05 2:24pm

I wish I was a friend of you....

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