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jburt1 (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2005 at 2:23am
Subject: after a semester away
Well, I'm starting to settle into my first week back from school. I've returned to Bed Bath & Beyond temporarily. Working soft lines still pretty much sucks. I've since read one book, The Giver. Right now I'm working on A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, but it's always so hard to start. At least I can feel confident enough to read it knowing that I am semi-intelligent from my first semester grades - all As and A minuses.

One thing that cracks me up is that I like to speak french when I am drunk, and apparently I speak it pretty well. This makes it hard because now I have to decide if I want to spend 6 weeks in france this summer studying the french language, or if I want to spend 2 weeks in Rome studying business. Any thoughts?

Speaking of this summer, I need to decide what I am going to do for mullah and where I am going to live. Internship in Chicago? Bed Bath & Hell in Muskegon? Probably neither. I don't think I can find an internship too easily (one that pays anyways), and I don't think I can take an entire summer folding towels and greeting customers.

An ideal summer would be me lazying around the beach, afternoon piano lessons with jack franklin, evenings spent reading books, learning guitar, or tipping back a few with friends.

Maybe I will just move to Europe and become a male gigilo. After I tire of the loose women and the italian beaches, I will settle down in Paris to write the next great American novel, stopping in Amsterdam whenever I have "writter's block." C'est la vie.
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02-06-06 6:21am

this is what i can tell you, most people who speak a second language can speak it rather fluently when they are drunk. i speak ameri-span-french. b/c i know all three. but then i also speak some spanish in french class. go figure. Go to france for the summer, you will have more fun.... and don't be a male gigilo. it sounds like a good idea, until you get some sort of vd.

P.s. i will be in chicago for a few hours on thursday... what are you doing?

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