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wildthing (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2005 at 6:43pm
Hey What yall been up to? I've just been workin and goin to school, I cannot believe this school year is almost done! I mean i'm thinkin about next and what ill be doin and it wont be high school anymore, the other day i was lookin through my yearbook from last year, *Autumn Silvers picked it up for me...thank Audie!!* and i was thinkin about what i would do with my hair next year, then i was like wait...I'm not in High school next year, To tell you the truth, I'm scared, Now is the time for real life and reality to hit me, and I really dont think I'm ready for it...I mean i have my dad to help me but He isnt always gonna be there, Its nuts...
I feel like i have just now moved to Tennessee and am just gettin to know my friends down there whom i love to death, I'm so glad i got down there and met new ppl, They mean the world to me...But so does everyone up here, Its 2 different worlds ill tell you that much, What with the KKK, yeah its real shit down there, get this a new mexican resturaunt came and within a week the KKK Spray painted KKK on their New sign...Thats when it hit me that its totally different down there...But anywho.
I hope ya'll have an Safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year,Good luck with your Futures!!
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12-23-05 7:11pm

thats so bad.
seriously i would kick someones ass down there.

i really hope you are doing well. i miss you so much! somehow, i think we should hang out lol.

oh we could be pen-pals!

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