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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 12-26-2005 at 2:14pm

Okie. so we've finally finished opening presents! This is what I received!

From Mum and Dad:

Cirque du Soleil CDs-Allegria and Dralion

$75 Best Buy; $25 Kohl's; $50 B&N

A Clockwork Orange book and movie

Salt (book)

Aristophones' Collection

Sophocles' Oepidus Trilogy

From Tyler:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Nightmare Before Christmas

CD holder for the car

From Granny(Dad's side):

Some ornaments

$25 B&N

Marriot Tickets

Word-a-day Calander

From Nanny and Grandpa (Mum's side): $50

From Patrice: Gir slippers

From Kristen: Corpse Bride figurines of the children, Etymology-a-Day Calander

From Justin: Memoirs of a Geisha stills book

From Zak: $15 Caribou

From Alfa: Scooby Doo dancing obnoxious thing



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