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tonyp. (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2006 at 1:56pm
well i had a good new years
but everything else has been pretty uneventfull which i dont really mind. im reading a really good book right now its called the gunslinger and its by steven king, its not a horror which is suprising.
im getting ready to go to chad and have him show me the ropes real quick that way i can finally start on what i need to do. i also need a REAL job to make actual money so if anyone knows if anyone is hiring let me know please.
mt older brother has kindny stones which sucks but he will be fine, hes tough.
but other then that thats about it.
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01-03-06 3:45pm

Josh has kidney stones!??! since when!?! brain must have been somewhere else when you all found out.

You'll find a job sweetie..but you know that means you might have to work at a fast food place. I know you dont want to but hey, at least its money. You should have applied at Taco Tommy's when they first opened. They'll take just about anyone it seems.

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01-03-06 8:13pm

stephen king is a very good author.

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Re:, 01-04-06 10:01pm

yyes he is justy but....i didnt know you knew how to read hahaha just joking

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