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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2006 at 4:25pm
Current mood: pleased
Music: Next Contestant
Subject: Back to school... Damn...
Right, so, Christmas. I A NINTENDO DS, AS WELL AS NINTENDOGS TO PLAY ON IT!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! I'M AS HAPPY AS A RUTABAGA!!!!!!! Any way, I have too puppies on my little DS. Oatmeal, who is a corgi, and Bunji, a chocolate lab. Don't make fun of the names, I was hungry when I named Oatmeal and the chocolate lab just reminded me of Bunji... SHUT UP! I HAVE NO LIFE, OK?!?!?!?!?! I was kinda worried they'd hate each other, but it's too damn bad if they do because they're stuck together... FOREVER!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, The other games I got for it Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney (Best... Game... EVER. 0.0... Besides Nintendogs. ^.^), and Trauma Center, Under the Knife. Yeah, weird games... but oddly fun. They entertained me enough to keep me preoccupied on our two day drive to Florida! I got some other stuff too, I guess I'll just get it out of the way in one fatal swoop. OK, here goes...:

Wolfwood shirt, Mooninites shirt, gray shirt with sparkly buttons *.*, Really poppin' FMA hoodie (with Al's blood seal on it), blue blazer thingy, and a red fleece thingy (I know, I'm so descriptive.), Other than the DS games, I got the first Gungrave game (It's pretty spiffy, but I couldn't fight Bob without laughing my ass off first! ^.^), Portable DVD player (handy for Florida trips, just my luck!), Huge Lewis Carroll book, Series of Unfortunate Events 12th book, Lotion and smelly body spray, some jewelry, Gungrave pins (that I almost bought at Sugoi-con...), Descendants of Darkness DVD's 1, 3, & 4, Ed patch of cuteness, Nickelback CD, Now 20, Cookies (ooooh yeah), Brandon Heat bobble head (fills me with joy), Chocolate covered almonds (oooooh yeah again.), Karaoke Revolution (hours of fun... but my Mom kept using it... and she sang pretty bad... kinda scary...), and... Um... Probably more. But I know I'll remember it just as soon as I'm done posting this because that's how the brain works. ^.^

Well, it was our first year of Christmas without Aunt Marilyn. It was pretty depressing, but (this may sound gay) but I really think she was there in spirit. Dad told us that she left money behind to get Katie and I Christmas presents, and that made me feel kind of like she was there. She will always be missed.

Speaking of which, the day right after Christmas Day we headed out to Florida to stay with Aunt Marilyn's sister, Ginny, and her man, Bernie. They were really cool people, kind of alcoholic, but still cool. They had this fat dog named Molly, she was really cute. Anyway, that's besides the point. We didn't really go to the beach that much, but we did go to a lot of museums. We went to the Holocaust Museum, Ringling brothers museum, and the Salvador Dali museum. All were pretty cool. The Holocaust museum wasn't as good as the one in Washington, but it was still neat. They had a really nice lady working at the gift shop. Yup, nothing like bonding with old German women, let me tell you. The Ringling brother's museum was spiffy, but what was really cool was his mansion. That baby was awesome! It was right by the ocean, had beautiful scenery, huge tapestries, giant chandeliers, huge, pure marble bath tubs, a beautiful and unique ballroom, elegant living quarters and bedrooms, and out of all of this my sister was fascinated by the plates they had with the little pictures on them. -.-; Well, it takes all kind. The Dali museum was cool too, he's a pretty spiffy artist. It's like, you look at a picture and see one thing, but then look at it at another angle and see another. It plays with your mind, in a cool way. On that little excursion I got a book about a lady in the Holocaust, 2 shirts with some of Dali's art on them, and a pin from the Holocaust museum. What really got me was all the adds we saw for stripping and porno places on the way to and from Florida. The Boobie Bungaloo? Trucker discounts and free showers? Kinda sick...

If I got anything from this trip, it's a hate for Cracker Barrel. They're everywhere. EVERYWHERE. 0.0

Then, on new years I went and spent the night with my homie Lynne. Her parents were having a little shin dig, so Lynne did too. It was just Her, another homie named Char, and I. Good times. There was this odd man who came up to us while we were dipping strawberries and pineapple in chocolate fondue and he was all, "Why don't you try sticking one of those wieners in there (there were these little weenies by the fondue), bet that would taste good!" We left. Fast. Then when we were talking about fireworks he was talking about chicken and biscuits. 0.o Oh well, Char's Mom also thought he was strange so we weren't alone. Also, the grown ups found it highly amusing that I called one of the fireworks sexy. Derdy der!

Well, that's all for now. I'm not even going to begin to look over this, so get over any spelling or grammar mistakes there are. Oh yeah! One more thing! Exams. Next week. My first ones ever. I'm going to die.

OK, that's all!

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