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silverstar (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2006 at 9:48am
Current mood: sick
I feel so crappy. Yesterday i stayed home from school cause i have a sinus infection but i still had to go to work because i called off like 2 weeks ago and they're starting to cut my hours. I hate BK they're dicks! I've worked there for a year and half and have called off twice and they cut my damn hours. I need to look for a new job cause i cant pay for my car with only workin 10 hours a week!
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01-04-06 9:48am

BK sucks. And they have bad food. haha.

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Re:, 01-04-06 9:49am

Yeah I agree the food is nasty!

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01-04-06 2:09pm

Yeah if you don't get hours, wtf is the point in working? You hardly make enough money to do ANYTHING after taxes are taken out.

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