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:: 2000 13 March :: 3.34 pm
:: Mood: annoyed

So I'm sitting here at this stupid PSSA tutoring because I'm a dumbass in Math and I failed that part. Now I'm in danger of not graduating which is complete BULLSHIT! I have all my credits, passed my graduation projects and came to this shit hole for 4 years...WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT?! There's probably like 15 of us that didnt pass and some of the kids that did pass really surprise me because they dont deserve it, just because they went to fucking votech means they can graduate. Votech is bullshit if you ask me. Everyone I talk to says they can do whatever they want there and its so easy. If I would have known I wouldnt graduate because of this shit I woulda done votech!
This is supposed to be "tutoring" but I'm not being tutored only one student is and I wanna fucking hang myself right now! lol Whatever Fuck School BYE:)

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:: 2006 28 February :: 2.25 pm
:: Mood: bitchy

I am so fucking sick and tired of everyone's bullshit! I seriously can't stand anyone anymore...You think that you have friends but actually no one is friends with anyone. People talk so much shit behind each others backs but then act like they're your best friend to your face. I HATE fake people.
Through my four years of highschool I have learned that its just a big joke. I feel so sorry for the people that have more years to come in this shithole.

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:: 2006 9 January :: 9.32 pm
:: Mood: annoyed

I just got home from work and i realized how much i hate Betty my manager. She's the biggest bitch I have ever met in my life. All she ever does is nag and if you know who she is then you know what her voice sounds like. But anyways, I worked til nine and it was like 2 min. til and i was like Betty can I leave and she was like did ya fill up the toilet paper?! And i was like yeah and she was like No you didnt! So i said WHATEVER and threw my little headset drive through thing! lol To make a long story short i didnt fill up the toilet paper because i told her i didnt know how to do it so she had to do it herself! HAHA Dumb Bitch...I'm gonna go take a nice relaxing bath and then get some much needed sleep!

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:: 2006 4 January :: 9.48 am
:: Mood: sick

I feel so crappy. Yesterday i stayed home from school cause i have a sinus infection but i still had to go to work because i called off like 2 weeks ago and they're starting to cut my hours. I hate BK they're dicks! I've worked there for a year and half and have called off twice and they cut my damn hours. I need to look for a new job cause i cant pay for my car with only workin 10 hours a week!

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:: 2006 2 January :: 1.05 pm
:: Mood: crappy

Wow, sorry i havent updated this thing is forever! I never have time for anything anymore. My whole life is consumed with work, school and bleu. I dont even remember what has really been going on so i'm just gonna start with new year's weekend! I had so much fun because i never do anything for new years. This was like the first year that i have stayed up for the ball to drop in like 7 years, haha. Well I went over bleu's and his mom went and bought us a whole bunch of alcohol but all i really drank were daiquiris' but the i got sick and threw up twice lol

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:: 2005 16 November :: 12.25 pm
:: Mood: grumpy

Report Cards came today and I did surprisingly well! I would of made freakin honor roll if it wasnt for damn accounting! I just cant pay attention in that class, its so boring. Oh well i'm happy with it. Now i just hope i can keep my grades up because i'm already feeling the senioritis coming on and we still have 3 more 9 weeks to go! Tomorrow we only have half a day which is really gay because we get out at like 10:51 to be exact lol. Its for all the slacker seniors that didnt do their graduation project last year. I'm so glad that i passed mine last year cause i definitely dont feel like doing anything this year.
Last nite Bleu and i went to the mall. I attempted to do some christmas shopping and the only thing i bought was this thing for my gram. I just cant seem to get in the holiday spirit anymore. I dont know if its just because i'm older or what but its just not exciting anymore. I'm like give me money and i'll be happy! lol

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:: 2005 10 November :: 12.19 pm
:: Mood: bored

Hey...Havent updated this thing in awhile. Not much has really been goin on just the same old shit. I worked Monday, Tuesday I was off, Wednesday I worked bingo and made $45 that i desperately needed! Right now I'm in school, bored as hell. I am so tired of highschool. I'm like seriously mentally done. I cant stand anyone in bentworth except for a select few and you know who you are! haha My chub girls. Tonites the senior party and i'm not going but now i kinda wish i was. I really didnt wanna go because theres a couple of people that just really piss me off and i cant stand to be around them but since they're not going i wanna go but i have to work. Oh well it happens.
This weekend I'm going shopping with my gram, my aunt and my mom at south hills. Then were going to my aunt and uncles house because they just bought a new/old lol victorian house so i'm excited to see it. Well its time for accounting class! Fun Fun

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:: 2005 6 November :: 8.15 pm

Hey! Whats up...Today was an awesome day. I really didnt do much just hung out with Bleu most of the day. He's such an awesome guy, we could do like absolutely nothing and i still could have like the best time with him! He picked me up around 2 then we went to trax farms and got apple cider...So Good! Then we went to some place called Adam's pine creek to eat, it was alright...the place is inside of a barn so just picture that! haha but the food was all like homemade stuff so it was decent. After that we just went back to his house and watched the exorcist and like a minute of the steelers game. Now its time for me to go and do some business enterprise homework:( Then hopefully tomorrow becky will let me see her accounting cause that class kicks my ass! lol Bye:)

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:: 2005 4 November :: 10.44 pm
:: Mood: cranky

Football Season is finally over! It was an awesome year though, I'm so proud of those guys! We played Duquesne tonite and the first half was pretty bad...Duquesne scored a touchdown within like the first 2 minutes. It was until the last couple minutes that we scored a touchdown with the extra point so the score ended up being 48 to 7 i think. At least it wasnt a total blowout! The half time show went alright i guess..not as good as we usually play it. Oh well I'm glad its over with. I really couldnt take another game...I'm sick of those damn band parents! They need to just shutup and let us be kids for christ's sake! They bitch about everything. Beth-Center lost their game tonite also, I was really suprised about that. I thought they were gonna make it all the way.
Well i'm goin to bed cause i gotta freakin work til midnight tomorrow! I hate my job! Nite everyone! MUAH

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:: 2005 4 November :: 12.25 pm

[The Basics]
Full name: Kristen Renee Richards
Date of birth: 5-14-88
Gender: Female
Location: PA
Ethnicity: White
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Reason for taking survey: To tell people a little bit about myself!

[Going Deeper]
If any, name any phobias you have: Fear of Heights and Falling
Do you drink: Sometimes.
Do you smoke: No.
If any, what drugs have you done: Smoked Weed
Are you a junk food person or a healthy eater: A little of both
Living arrangements: I live with my parents
Name any pets you have: 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a turtle
Siblings: 1 brother...Nick
Do you like your school: Fuck No!
What is your favourite class: Business Enterprise
What is your least favourite: Accounting
What genre of movie do you prefer: Romance
Are you into self categorization? No

Time of the year: Spring/Fall.
Friend: As long as they're not bitches they're all my favorite!
Family member: I like em all
Animal: Leopard
Sweet food: Anything sour or chocolate...depends on the mood!
Colour: Red
Sitcom: Breaking Bonaduce, Gilmore Girls, and Run's House
Cartoon: Rugrats
TV channel: MTV
Pastime: Sleeping
Drug: None
Magazine: Teen People
Games console: Super Nintendo!
Swear word: Fuck.
Ice-cream flavour: Mint Chocolate Chip
Clothing brand, if any: Anything I like
Store: Dots
Place to relax: My Room
Place to shop: Century Three
Place to party: I dont really party

[Do you believe in..]
God: Sometimes.
A counter-god, or devil: Yeah.
Reincarnation: No.
The Soul: No
Evolution: No
Angels: Yes
Karma: Yes
Do you celebrate Christmas: Yes.
How do you celebrate your birthday: Depends
What is your religion: Roman Catholic.
Does your family have any special customs: No.
Have you ever converted from another religion or atheism: No.
Are you a vegetarian: No.

[For the Older Kids, Sex!]
Are you a virgin: No
If applicable, did you like your first time: I dont really remember
Ever given head: Yes.
Ever done anal: NO!
Does S&M appeal to you: yeah!
Do you watch pornography: Sometimes
How often do you masturbate: Never!
Ever had sex while drunk: just once
Do you regret any sexual incidents that occurred on your part: yes
Do you consider yourself sexually attractive: no
Favourite sexual position: Its hard to explain, haha
Tell us about any of your personal beliefs regarding sex: Its better to wait until you find someone you truly love because you'll end up regretting it

[Your Love Life]
Are you in a relationship right now: Yes
Describe your current, or most recent relationship: Completely In Love!
Are you, or have you ever been in love: Yes, I am in love
What's your sexual orientation: Straight.
Are you, or do you plan on getting married: Yes
Do you believe in soul-mates: Yes.
Do you think long-distance love is possible: Depends
Could you see yourself being unfaithful: I have before but not now
What do you notice about the opposite sex first: Smile
Biggest turn-offs: an extent
Taller or shorter than you: doesnt really matter
Ever broken someone's heart: Yes.
Has someone ever broken yours: yes
Do/would you have children: I want two kids.

[Your Bad Side]
Do you steal, or have you stolen: i have before
If so, was it from a store or a person you know: Yes.
Have you been intimate with someone else's significant other: No.
Do you take advantage of other peoples' kindness: No.
Have you lied to your parents: Yes.
Do you get jealous easily: to easily
Do you have a bad temper: yes, terrible
Have you ever made someone cry: Yes.
Ever physically hurt someone: yes, haha
Do you consider yourself racist: umm, kinda
Must you always seek vengeance: DEFINITELY!

[This or That]
Alcohol or Marijuana: Marijuana
Coca-Cola or Pepsi: Coke.
A quiet evening at home or a wild night out: Quiet evening at home
Extreme intelligence or unbelievable beauty: both?
A permanent, stable relationship or an insane sex life: A permanent, stable relationship.
Christmas without gifts, or Christmas without everything else: Without everything else.
Rock or Rap: Both
The ability to fly or the ability to be invisible: Invisible
Hearing or seeing: Seeing
Depression or anxiety: Probably anxiety.
Immortality without the ability to die, or mortality: Mortality.
Death by freezing, or burning: Freezing.
Death by suffocation or being stabbed: Suffocation
Lots of acquaintances or a few close friends: Few close friends.
To be a singer or an actor/actress: Actress
Eternal day or eternal night: eternal night
X-Ray vision or psychic abilities: Psychic abilities.
Sweet or savory: Sweet.
To never sleep or to never eat: Never eat.
To eat as much as you want or to sleep as much as you want: Sleep as much as I want.
World domination or infinite knowledge of all things: Knowledge of all things.
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera
Bush or Kerry: Bush
To resort to cannibalism or to die: yuck...def. die

[The Last]
Person you talked to: My mom
Person you argued with: My dad
Person you hugged: Bleu
Person you kissed: Bleu
Person you texted: I dont have text msging because i'm out of control! lol
Person you had sex with: Bleu
Phone call: Bleu
Thing you ate: Oreo Ice Cream
Thing you drank: Lemonade
Time you showered: This morning
Time you told someone you loved them: About 10 min. ago
Time someone said they loved you: 10 min. ago
Time you laughed: Like an hour ago
Time you vomited: wow..its been a while
Paycheck: Oct. 23rd
Time you had sex: September! haha
TV show you watched: Next
Song you listened to: Toxic lol
Movie you watched: Hide and Seek
Dream you had: Me getting married
Time you got drunk: like a year ago
Party you went to: same as above
Item of clothing you bought: sweater
Person you would sleep with: Bleu

[Have You Ever Been Called]
Bitch: Yes
Bastard: I dont think lol
Beautiful: Yes
Talented: Yes
A waste of space: No
Liar: Yes
Geek: No.
Nerd: No.
Loser: Yes, by Jena! lol
Peculiar: No.
Intelligent: No
Skinny: Hell No
Fat: Hell Yeah! Haha
Pretty: Yes.
Preppy: No.
Goth: No.
Emo: No.
Grunger: No.
Fiend: No.
Innovative: No.
Weirdo: Yes
Stupid: Yes.
Retarded: Yes.
Annoying: Yes.
Freak: Yes..
Brat: Yes.
Cute: Yes.
Interesting: No.
Boring: Yes.
Slut: Yeah
Whore: Yes.
Skank: Yes.
Asshole: Yes
Shitface: A long time ago!
Ugly: Not recently
Disgusting: I dont think so
Shithead: yes.
Cock: No.
Tit: No.
Twat: No.

[Totally Random]
Tell us the first thing you'd do with a million dollars: Move to a nicer part of PA, forget about fuckin bentleyville and take all my loved ones with me!
Why is the sky blue: I'm not really sure
Do you consider yourself to be romantic: Yes.
What's the best thing somebody has ever said about you: That I changed their life so much that they've become a better person.
What do you think of P.E.T.A: Eh...Neutral
What do you think of South Park: Dumb
Do you like candles: Yes
Do you think emo people are idiots: No.
Do you think goths are idiots: No.
Do you think people who take ridiculously long surveys are idiots: Yeah lol
Do you believe men and women are truly equal: Yeah.
Do you read books very much: No, I wish i did
Do people consider you to be a bookworm: No.
Describe your mother: Hardworking sometimes bitchy
What's one thing you would change about your body: Losing about 50 pounds.
Would you kill one child to save the lives of 1000 children: No
What one thing would a person have to do to deserve death: Kill and innocent person.
The most romantic thing somebody's ever done for you: Pretty much everything Bleu does is romantic to me!
Do you use bittorrent: I have no clue what that is!
What P2P programs do you use: None?
Have you ever skydived: No, but i have been on the skycoaster at kennywood.
List three things you want to do before you die: Marry Bleu, Have two wonderful children, make peace with everyone in my family
The world ends and you can only save three people and yourself. Who would you save: Bleu, my mom, and my dad
If you could kick anyone's ass, who would it be: Pretty much all the girls at bentworth except for a select few!
If you could sleep with anyone in the world, who would it be: Bleu
Are you bored of this survey yet: No
What is the meaning of life: Spending every moment enjoying life because you'll never know when the end is.

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:: 2005 4 November :: 10.05 am
:: Mood: cheerful

Hey! This is my first entry cause Becky just gave me an invitation code! YAY

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