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whispers (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2006 at 6:45pm
Music: blaine larsen - how do you get that lonely
Subject: wet
Sprayed myself in the leg with a hose. Talk about cold.

Might be getting a job at Mobil. Ugh, but yay. Anything to get out of food and away from shithead. Anything.

I'll fuck you for a dollar if you want. Promise. Unless you're Anne. If you're Anne, it's free.
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01-13-06 7:17pm

Damn, I only have 89 cents.

Jejuan? Can you make me one of your kickass layouts?!?!?!?

Would anyone loan me 11 cents? LOL j/k

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Re:, 01-13-06 7:27pm

I sure will. What would you like your layout to look like?

Dennis.. you don't even need the 89 cents. You get free dibs too. ;)

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Re: Re:, 01-13-06 7:44pm

okay, I'll use the 89 cents to buy a candy bar then... mmm snickers

I dunno, I'll have to think about it

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Re: Re: Re:, 01-13-06 7:52pm

Totally 79 cents at Story's. :) lol

Let me know how you want it.. ooo.. durrty lol

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