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anachronism (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2006 at 1:12pm
Music: Pink Floyd
Subject: Nothing interesting.
I'm going to Spring Hill. So, let me know if you're going and if you know anyone else that is. It doesn't really matter, I'm just curious.

Anyway.. I am excited for the laser light show tonight. I've never been to one, I hope it's cool.

Edit>> If you got senior pictures, I'd like one pleeeaassee. Even if we're not like really good friends. People tend to forget to give me a picture. *angry face
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01-14-06 1:42pm

Aww i'm so depressed that I can't hang out with you guys like we always do on weekends. I'll be sitting at home sick while you're out having fun without me.

Oh well. Have fun for me!!!

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01-14-06 6:45pm

Yay! Spring Hill! I'm going, along with Amanda and Mindy. Uh.. I guess thats the only people that I really know of who are going. And I will definatly get you a senior picture of me, just remind me in the morning and you can pick one out. There in my agenda so I should have them with me then.

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Re:, 01-16-06 10:02am

I want one too Jesserski!

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Re: Re:, 01-16-06 11:29am

Most definitely! Just stop me in the hall sometime and you can pick one out! :)

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01-15-06 12:11am

Im going to SH! =D And...Uhh....I know Teft is going....Adrien's going I believe, and some others but I really can't think of them at the moment. And I'll give you one of my pictures when I get them! =D

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