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Banana (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2006 at 11:44pm
Okay, so...nothing has really been going on with my life. Work sucks as usual. My coworkers are perverts who like to look at my ass when I put dishes away. Jason hit me with a wet towel in the butt, then Eric did it. Oh, well. It doesn't really bother me. Some guys are just jerks. They are always messing around like that. I am usually pretty wet by the end of the night. They like to spray me with water too. They are always making some sort of sexual comments. I tend to iqnore them. Or try to at least. Once they stop being stupid they can be good listeners when you need someone to talk to.
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01-16-06 9:51am

there are guys like that at my work too. one tried to kiss me.

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Re:, 01-16-06 9:51am

(but it's a secret for now)

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