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anachronism (profile) wrote,
on 1-20-2006 at 3:23pm
I feel like death.

Edit>> I guess I'm going to Ashley's now so we can be sick together, lol. We're gonna watch movies and just enjoy the germs filling up the room. :)

I think my voice will be completely gone by tomorrow.
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01-20-06 3:31pm

Lol Stacy shut up. Don't even get me started on being near death.

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Re:, 01-20-06 3:33pm

Ahahaa.. I know dude.
But, seriously.. I feel terrible.

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Re: Re:, 01-20-06 4:00pm

Haha yeah I'm coming to pick you up right now since it's 4:00. I wont crash us I promise!!

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