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KTHPKC (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2006 at 11:24am's January 22nd and you know what that means...

CRAPPY WEATHER!!!! Sorry 'bout the cold, it always is on this day.

Dumb question, but have any of you ever encountered those "invitation codes"? I'm just curious because I always see that whenever I log in, plus I might start looking for one for Coop (her mum's been reading her other journal...and let's just say her relationship with her mum has never been good because of her mum's words and actions to her).

Anywhos, blah.

Oh, and I turned 19 today.
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01-22-06 12:06pm

Happy Birthday KT! I hope it's an awesome one. I wish I was there : ( As for invitation codes, I think everyone who joined woohu before you had to pay for got one. IE you should have one. And if you don't I can give mine to Coop. Um so yeah. Happy birthday againg!

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Re:, 01-22-06 7:13pm, that's strange considering that I signed up for Woohu before you did..I probably just haven't been paying attention ^^"

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01-22-06 4:40pm

Tanjoubi omedeto! And I know these invitation codes, we all have one, and I gave mine away because I knew I wasn't going to use it.

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01-22-06 6:04pm

I got one that I don't think I ever used

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