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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 1-26-2006 at 7:41pm
Music: If there were skies, as pretty as you, I'd want to kiss them, too.
So, guess what? Someone has a crush on me! Your neighbor hood Beef! Woo hoo! It's this kid named Josh. Yeah, my friend is a spy on the bus and she heard him talking to his cousin about asking me out... I really don't know how I'd respond. I'm not even sure if I like him or not... I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!! >.< Oh well, at least he's no VCR kid. My mom and sister are sure excited about it. My mom's already making plans for our first date and my sister is all, "AWWW! MY LITTLE BEEFY IS GROWING UP!!!!!!!" Family... -.-;

A Turpin homie got cussed out for saying "Nya". HA! I found it a little humorous.

I made something in cooking class! Yay, cookies!

My dog got her hair trimmed. Now, she is completely naked. 0.0 AVERT YOUR GAZE, SMALL CHILDREN!!!!!

I'm spent.

Wait! One more thing! I got My Little Pony Valentines! Yes! OK! I'm done!
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