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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 2-11-2006 at 3:52pm
Current mood: good
Music: Obsession
Subject: Meh.
Wow. It's feels like it's been forever since I posted here. It's Myspace's fault, dammit! It SUCKS YOU INTO IT'S WEBSITE ACTION. 0.0 Anyway, believe it or not, not much has happened since then... Unless you count this smelly, fat, otaku kid that gives anime a bad name stalking me, or the awesome soap opera Sarita, Jon, and I made up during gym. Here, let me explain....

Well, there's this giant fat smelly kid who is the stereotypical otaku at our school. One day, when I was standing outside of homeroom with my homies, waiting for them to unlock the doors, blarbs over to me and says, "Hey. I've seen you around." I was like, "0.0... Hi?" So then he keeps talking, I don't know what the hell he's saying, I'm scared, and then thankfully the bell rings and I escape him.

Then came gym.

I hate gym. A lot. But I like the homies in my gym class. It was after the torture was over and we were all standing around waiting to go to next class. Well, Sarita and I go over to Jon, and Jon asked why Sarita had a J on her shirt. She wouldn't tell him, so he was like, "Aw, I get it! J for Jon! That's so cute!" and Sarita replied, "Oh yeah, you know I'm just madly in love with you." The following few sentences are how the conversation proceeded:
"Well, that's too bad because I love... KRISTY!!!" -Jon
"Really? Well... I LOVE KRISTY TOO!!!!!" -Sarita
"Well, sorry guys but you're going to have to tune into to next episode to see what happens." -Me
"Next episode preview: Kristy is in love with... THAT WATER FOUNTAIN!!!" *Points dramatically to water fountain*- Sarita
*Points to water fountain* "How can you betray me like that, you slut! I thought we were friends!"- Jon

Yeah, during this whole conversation people were backing away from us as far as they could. It was great, but then!!!! THE NINJA'S CAME!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

BIG JOKE! No they didn't! They were too busy making waffles at home! Instead, TOBY THE FAT ANIME KID ATTACKED!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!

I was rushing to my locker so I wouldn't miss the bus, and he stops right in front of me and says, "Hey." Just, "Hey." I squeaked out a hello and ran my ass away from there. It was so scary.

Other than that, life has been pretty blahish. Yup. That's all for now, I suppose...

New FMA tonight! Woo! I must be the only FMA fan in the world who still has to rely on Adult Swim to get me new episodes. I'm a failure...

OK, bye!
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