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bleedingsun (profile) wrote,
on 2-12-2006 at 11:34am
Music: At the Drive-in - in/CASINO/OUT
Subject: Esophagus Roller-Coaster Derailed

The drummer in my ear is a slow monotonous ache beating his rhythm to that of my pulse. If I swallow, cough, or even breathe, it feels like lawn furniture is being shoved down my throat. Also, I have recently learned that my nostrils once contained tiny dams that kept all the fluids in my body in their proper places and off of my top lip. I no longer have these tiny dams. As a result of this, my waste-basket and the floor around it has become haunted with a thousand little ghosts. A thousand slimy, sticky, and gooey little ghosts.

I haven't gotten any better since I left school after second hour on Thursday, but I have to make it through the next three days. I have to make up all the tests I've missed, (so far I've been told of four). I have no idea how I'll pass any of them.

I need to find out what assignments I've missed so I can start doing them right now. If anyone is in American Literature with Dolbee, could you please tell me what she assigned on Friday? I'd greatly appreciate it.
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02-12-06 4:01pm

We had a test in Bible class on Friday. I told Mrs.Olsen I'd just wait to take it with you, so we can fail together.

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Re:, 02-12-06 4:37pm

Sweet, I love failing tests!

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