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.j.e.s.s. (profile) wrote,
on 2-12-2006 at 11:11pm
omg 11:11 it's such a sign

AHHHAHAHAHAHAH finally saw the love of my life tonight. no, not Bob Sagett, silly- ROMAN!

love love love love him. wanna shout it from the rooftops i am pretedning to be rascal flatts and i dont know the words but i love himmmmmmmmmmmm

and quote of the day

"I eat your boogers for fun, Jess!"

Well yes then everything is settled I shall never go another THREE FRICKEN WEEKS without seeing my glorious lover boy ever ever ever again because it SUCKS

and i love him so much

i love you baby!!

oh and at Olive Garden:
"So wait, is it Free salad OR soup? So are you gonna bring him the salad? and if i get the soup it's free? Are you bringing him a big bowl? So i could just have some of his?"

"Wow, it's only $28 this time? Last time it was like $50." "Oh, they must have charged us for the free bread sticks"

"Could I get a box for the soup too?" "Oh i'll bring you a bowl"

"How bout one for the water?"

"Bring us some more mints." "You'll get a bigger tip!"

"What's your name again?" "Amanda D." "We're gonna have you EVERY time! Aren't you excited?"

"Is she guarding the alcohol?"

"No one said Bonjourno to us" "What did you say to me?! I'm sick of all you damn Italians!"

"Bring her a big sombrero" "Ma'am I'm sorry I dont know if you were aware, but we're in Italy, not MOROCCO"

"What would happen, PERSAY, if it happened to be one of our Birthdays?!"
"You know you get. I just had to collapse.." "Right, you just had to take a sit down"

"What? What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" "I had to puke"

"Did you think that was gross???" "Psh, no. I eat your boogers for fun, Jess"

"LIVE GIRLS! And come see our 25 cent movie arcade!"


lol lets just say we had a bit too much fun lol. Oh and dont take any of that too literally!! lol.

yeah so and .....

a ten dollar silverware set!!


i love you baby! so much! today was JUST what i needed and i wish the rest of my world would disappear.


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02-12-06 11:33pm

ah. good news, and i'm glad to hear it!

smiles galore! keep 'em coming. and tell roman i say hi, if the thought comes to mind. if not, i totally understand. i really should just tell him myself, anyway.

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Re:, 02-13-06 9:08pm

cooly cool will do

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02-13-06 3:36pm

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw, Jess.
You're so cute. (:

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Re:, 02-13-06 9:08pm

aw thanks lol! you too

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