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bleedingsun (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2006 at 3:28am
Current mood: drained
Subject: Fingers twitch and muscles flinch

I've been lying in my bed since 10, wide awake. The pills that my mom got me say "Stop use and ask a doctor if sleeplessness occurs." I don't think I'll be using them anymore, which is too bad because they work really well.

I'm going to be so dead tomorrow.
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03-01-06 12:12pm

If you die, Ashley N. will save you.

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Re:, 03-02-06 1:19pm

Who is Ashley N?

Also, do I know you?

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Re: Re:, 03-02-06 11:08pm

Actually, you have no idea who I am. I was journal surfing, and I was in a really weird mood, I'm sorry. But, I added you as a friend, and friends are a plus.

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