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mydecadesunder (profile) wrote,
on 2-15-2006 at 9:49pm
Current mood: moody
Subject: GRR!
omg i really h8 it when people like the band u like and try to b kool and their not at all it ticks me off but ya i broke up w/ ben and adny got me roses 4 valentines day happy valentines day by the way but ya and omg my life is so confusing i wish sumone would kill me omg grr it makes me mad when people like u and u like the people that like u bac it is a hard decsioni could cry im so frustrated and like no one really understands ok well l8r mwah happy v-day luv yall♥ALicia
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lol, 02-15-06 11:06pm

your so crazy, but i love you! don' even joke about killing you and stuff like that. that is not kool girl.

-♥ andy

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Re: lol, 02-16-06 1:09pm

andy's right, killing urself is NOT ANYTHING to joke about.

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alicia, 02-16-06 1:08pm

whats up w/ u lately? ur treating me like shit. not talking to me. ignoring me. wtf? as far as i kno i did nothing to you. i have nothing more to say.........

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