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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2006 at 7:26pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: My Humps... *sigh*
Subject: Derdy Der!
Well, we made our schedules for next year. I'm all set to be a sophomore now! Dang, that sounds so weird... I mean, I just got into the Freshman spirit (HA HA!) and now I have to become a Sophomore? SCARY!!!! STOP AGING!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Any way, Emily and I made a der der on our schedules, and now I have to talk to the counciler and all that crap to get it sorted out. *Sigh* It's so annoying, but it must be done. I am NOT taking gym again!!!! We have swimming next week... *Sigh harder*

Also, the walls of Anderson hold some disturbing news. If one pregnant sophomore isn't enough, why not through in a freshman, too? DAMN, I HATE PREGNANT TEENS!!! THEY'RE SO DAMN STUPID!!!!!! This stupid freshman girl in my gym class who is barely ever at school walks into the locker room talking about how she's pregnant, and not only that, but how she got pregnant as well. 0.0 I don't need to hear that shit! She's going on about how her parents were pissed but how her 23-year-old "baby's daddy" is going to pay for it and all this crap. I've seen her house. It's about as big as my bath tub and it looks like shit. I really, really, REALLY feel sorry for her child. No kid should ever have to grow up like that. She needs to be shot... More than once. Stupid bitches don't know what the fuck they're getting into... Did I mention that I hate pregnant teens? ^.^;

On a better note, my Dad is somewhat "dating" again. I guess he's finally getting over Aunt Marilyn. I'm happy for him, but he has a really strange choice of women. Like, REALLY strange. He only seems to go out with people that he's been friends with for a while, and not only that, people that have recently split with their husbands. OK... My Father's a pimp. Guess he passed it on to me, too... BIG JOKE!!!!

On a completely different note, I ONLY NEED $2,065 ON NINTENDOGS UNTIL I CAN GET THE ROOM I WANT!!!! WOO HOO, I'M A LOSER!!!!

That's all for now, G's. Over and out homies.

Here are some quizzes... I miss posting them here!!! *Emo tears*

You are Utena!
You're noble. You're pure of heart. You're a little

slow about all the evil men in your life. But

don't worry, things will probably work out in

the end.
Dream on Prince/Princess

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My top result for the selector,
Orphen Character Selector,
is Creao

How'd the hell I get that fool?!?! I'm cooler than her... I hope... OK, maybe she isn't that annoying in the series... I wouldn't really know, but she pisses me off in the game!!!! >.< <--- Angry face.

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