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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 2-22-2006 at 11:24am
i don't know why everyone has to be so ridiculous, but they are.

on monday i had this hispanic culture midterm and i knew it was going to be hard. but not so stupid. okay. so we talked a lot about cuba and this movie we watched and i read about two million things about
puerto rico
i love lucy
the mexican revolution
the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo
the spanish american war
the cuban revolution
the bay of pigs/cuban missile crisis
dominican republic
san salvador
hipanic television-english and spanish
hispanic politics
the rafters
the cuban adjustment act of 1966
the jones act
the foraker act

so i had to know all this stuff. i went to every class. i participated. i read the texts. did well on the pop quizzes. everything.

did we get a study guide?


did we talk about a movie that wasn't on the midterm instead of reviewing like she promised?


and you know what's on this seven question essay test?

what is a chicano?

an obscrure little detail that i vaugley remember talking about like the second day of class. and she goes on and on about how we talked about it so much and blah blah blah and its origins. and everyone's like no way, we didn't talk about it that much. even the people who knew what it was guessed.

i just don't understand how i could filter all that information when the test only had seven questions and i had no clue what they could be about.
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02-22-06 1:33pm

see what you get for studying?

... come with me... come over to the dark side... where we don't do our homework...

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02-22-06 8:31pm

sounds like you need a break from school

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02-23-06 12:09pm

Gotta love the grand colombia... simon bolivar was a good man... There, now that you're impressed with my subtle hint of knowlege of colombia and the surrounding area we shall start the make outs... don't fight it, it will be over soon...

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Re:, 02-28-06 2:26pm

ho ho kevon. . .si.

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02-23-06 2:45pm

studying is for lamos.
don't ever study.
it will make you fail school.

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Re:, 02-28-06 2:26pm

tu eres un lame-o!!!!!

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02-23-06 10:30pm

i love you beans . i really do.

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