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Tails (profile) wrote,
on 2-23-2006 at 12:53am
Current mood: anxious
Music: Silence and the sound the computer fan makes.
Subject: not to much man
so, i have more hours at the catoring company again but i still totally need a full time job so that i can MOVE OUT...i mean i kinda sorta gave up cause i spent so much time bitching about it by the time i do move out it wont seem cool anymore and everyone will be like "matt your just a little bitch like always, cept now your a little bitch with an apartment, bitch!" and ill smile and laughing and then kill myself with more cancer. which i need to stop doing. but anyway. so yeah i guess life is at an odd odd standstill. things arent bad. things arent good.

I'm getting 80.92 cents for income tax from arbys...

Megan...not sure how to start addressing the issue.

Do you bring up past problems to fix them if your just now finding out all the really imporant details?

I should ask for some more W2's from the catoring company...cause i have gotten 3 of them...and just keep forgetting to fill them out...then i lose them and bad stuff happens to me when the IRS dosent understand how im getting such large monetary assests without having and form of a job...

But when my free time's gone will you promise me this? That you will please bury me with it?
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02-23-06 10:37pm

love you matt

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02-23-06 10:37pm

i am Danza.

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02-23-06 10:38pm

Wait, one more

Remember that teacher we had who wasn't Mr.Taylor.... WHAT WAS HIS NAME?

I think it was like Mr. McDoucheface or something Irish like that....

but remember when we had that sub once and we told him I was Tony Danza's daughter.


omg. I miss that class. But what was that teacher we had with the girly voice.

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02-24-06 12:06am

heeeeeeeeeeeeey matt! sorry i had to get offline so suddenly and sorry that the conversation was shitty...i'm just not good at the whole online chat thingy...but dude, if you ever need someone to hang out with...PICK ME! im home just about all the time...i'm pretty much completely free this weekend since matt's a douche and has to work all weekend...but yeah...hang out with know where i live, just stop by and be like "dude...get off your ass NOW...were hanging out whether you want to or not!" and i suppose if you feel the need to call first you can call my cellyphoney...the number is...7991471...but shhhhh, dont tell anyone! oh wait! i just posted it on the World Wide Web for the whole freakin' world to know...well i suppose when i get some weird japanese guy calling me, i'll know why! haha...but anyways...lets hang out and be friends and do cool, interesting stuff and pretend like we have interesting lives! i know! lets go to a mall and act like were from another country! haha...that'll be fun!

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02-24-06 12:29am

i read all of your posts even if i dont comment *hugglez*

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02-24-06 9:36pm

I heard your mom is engaged. I'm sorry.

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Re:, 02-25-06 7:15am


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02-25-06 1:32am

You can get the 104EZ forms from the library if you need those. But the W2s.. you should stop losing those. They're kinda important. I'm getting 191.45 back from this place we call the government.

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