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lil_bill06 (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2006 at 6:03pm
Subject: Bored
Yeah, I haven't posted on here in a long time. Since the last time I've posted I've gotten two tattoos, two piercings, and I had my 18th Birthday. I got a tattoo on my foot that is "soul" in chinesse, I got one on my back that is a treble clef and has some tribal stuff around it. Then I got my eyebrow pierced and the inside of my ear pierced.
Valentine's day sucked. I hate not having anyone. Out of the two people I like, one has a girlfriend and the other doesn't want a girlfriend, even though he claims he really likes me. I'm still confused about that. I hate being so lonely.

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02-28-06 12:04pm

Is "Having" someone the best way, the only way, or just he most widely used way for social gratification? Indeed, the way to happinenss in general?

Sometimes we want something so much that it builds its own value over time...

In a more normal tone... Men are supposed to be confuseing to women - as are women to men. It keeps everyone on edge and wonderfully crazy.

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03-03-06 10:08pm


GIVE ME YOUR #####!!!!!!!!!!!!


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