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freaky (profile) wrote,
on 2-27-2006 at 1:18pm
It's still the same, I hurt people's feelings and when I grow older it gets worse. At this point I could probably kill someone with words. And all I have to do is be myself. If I wanna stop hurting people I think I should kill myself. Something bad is gonna happen...something which will haunt me the rest of my life. Hate this, hate myself...

Nice picture =)
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guess who..., 03-09-06 2:11pm

wow...i'm totally on the same page :-( I'm turning into this cold, abusive bitch and I don't know why.....don't commit suicide though....hey wait, weren't you the one talking ME out of this last year...?

snap out of it....

nice picture.....

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Re: guess who..., 03-09-06 2:37pm

I wont commit suicide anymore, its just these moods i got i guess...

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Re: Re: guess who..., 04-03-06 12:57pm

lol...i understand....hang won't anymore?? lolz

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Re: Re: Re: guess who..., 04-04-06 5:56pm

haha very funny you know what i mean >.<

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Re: Re: Re: Re: guess who..., 04-14-06 2:58pm

or do i? :P

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