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fadingintoblue (profile) wrote,
on 2-27-2006 at 11:03pm
Music: Dar Williams
Subject: I still hate February
I'm having a "nobody likes me" attack...I need to stop caring so much. In other news, I finally got a livejournal. I'll probably still update this,'s probably good to have a journal my roommates don't read. I have five friends so far (three that I live with, my roommate's girlfriend, and the really really sweet girl down the hall); it was like instant popularity but not really.

Allison got Katie's letter today; it was hilarious (if slightly surreal). Allison was waaaay too excited to show the note to her girlfriend, and is currently formulating a respone. I think Matt (friend of my suitemates who was convinced I lived in his house despite seeing me in my room all the time) was confused at why my ex-gf sent my roommate a love letter. Actually, Mellisa was confused too. Allison and I just laughed (and eventually explained).
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ummm.. odd, 03-05-06 8:15pm

Well that's intresting. She showed it to her g/f... hmmm. That could be intresting. You know I'm still waiting for her response. My breath bates each time I think of her letter coming. I love how I don't even live in the same state yet I can have a hand in confusing others there. Although I'm still nto positive why she wanted to love letter.

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