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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 3-3-2006 at 11:14pm
Music: alanis morrisette-thank you
Subject: I hate howie

well finally I am done with HH but I hate them because the screwed me out of two days of work that I could have had...oh well I guess I just get the rest of the weekend off....not that big of a deal howies is just a joke anyways...another shit job.

I've been tanning a lot lately my face actually has some color in it and I feel so pretty today...hahahaha go figure it takes a tan to make me feel like that for the first time in a year....I forgot how much I like to tan...its refreshing and it calms me down, gets rid of the depression. but it's funny to because I look in the mirror and I look so different from what I normally do I cant believe it's me.

hey how do you put pictures in this thing????

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03-04-06 10:33am

get an account at upload the picture you want. when it's in there, pick the middle addressy thing and paste it into your journal.

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03-04-06 10:35am

so you quit, eh? how?

i was so happy when i finally quit working there, too.

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