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User:moonshinehommie (user# 630)
Name:Katherine (Kadie) Mary Anderson
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Bio: I grew up in a small town where nothing happened...every once in a while we would shoot the visitors though that was always the highlight of summer we would sit around in plastic chairs on the dirt roads and just wait if you didn't belong there we would make sure you never would be back again. I moved to grand rapids after I graduated where I am training to be FBI agent it's fun.. it's just tireing though constantly doing something but hey I can just kill somebody if they piss me off.....hahhahahhahhaha
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Interests:(8) intrest 1, my favorite actor is ewan mcgreggor intrest 6, my favorite actress is sandra bullock. intrest 7, my favorite author is franseca lia block. interst 3, my favorite band at the moment is dashboard confessional...agian. interst 2, my favorite movie is moulin rouge. intrest 5, my favorite place to be in the whole world is in my car listening to music on the radio, my favorite tv show is a tie between big love and house. interst 4
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