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Namu (profile) wrote,
on 3-6-2006 at 7:51am
Current mood: ticked off
Okay, I think I've behaved myself pretty well. But I'm sick of being looked at as a bad person, or an evil man or whatever. I didn't do anything wrong, okay? I didn't just fucking "fall in love". God. I spilled my entire heart, and now I'm hated for loving. That's just fricked up. I'm done.

sin afinidad,
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03-06-06 9:02pm

who hates you sweetheart?

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Re:, 03-06-06 10:18pm

Parently I'm in the group of men catagory who amelia hates, even though I don't know what I did wrong. I just hate how she thinks that I "loved her", as if I faked it or some shit like that.

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03-06-06 11:44pm

i wasn't talking about you. i was talking about all those vultures that i see all the time at work. men area already telling me they love me and i'm so pissed that they would have the nerve to even suggest they love me.

i don't hate you, i don't think you're evil or bad in any way... i'm sorry for my ambiguity, i really honestly wasn't talking about you.

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