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Tails (profile) wrote,
on 3-7-2006 at 1:33am
Subject: Perfect!
Today was the perfect day. I have got two job interviews for tommrow set up. and i found my zema kitty. i opened the door to let some smoke out from my burnt food and she just walked in screaming at the top of her little kitty lungs. i hugged her smiled, danced, then cleaned her up fed her and now shes happy again! and yeah the improv groupe was good tonight too. we came up with a couple new games to play wed. so all brand new 45 mins of material on wed at the wireless cafe! so today was a great day. if i get one of those jobs then this will be the perfect week!>

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Whoever correctly guess which animal this is gets 4 times as much love from me than anyone else for a full yeah. and please dont cheat. just guess.
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03-07-06 7:17am

its a cat

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03-07-06 7:42pm

Woot woot! Perfect days rock my sparkly socks!
Um... an Earless-Cat-Mole.

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03-08-06 6:40am

Its the Flat Headed Cat. (typical name) its the closest living realitive that links domestic cats to such animals as the lion and jaugaur. good guessing nerds! you all get 4 times the love!!!

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