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mieko (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2006 at 6:39pm
Tristan's going out with Danielle.
Cody's going out with Sarah.
Mike.. more or less ignored me today.
Chris and I exchanged only a few words, but he's pretty quiet towards me anyway.

Now I'm stressing out over the fact that my grade is only a 53% in Algebra 2A, and I have Student-lead conferences soon.
And I have to get progress reports.
But I SHOULD have like.. a D-something, because on the progress report, my latest test's (a successful 78%) weight was a goddamned zero.
And Yolina, who sits in front of me.. on her progress report, her overall numerator was LOWER than mine, yet she had a 63% or something.
I ranted to my mom for about 5-10 minutes about how screwed up Ms. Champion's grading program is (even though she's been absent for the past two weeks because of spinal arthritis, if that makes sense. I don't blame her, just the program) and about how Stephanie's grade is a 74%, but she should actually have a high D, or very low C.

Screw this.
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03-22-06 11:30pm

4w9trgj. damn.
That grading program is...stupid.
How is it supposed to motivate students to do better? :[

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03-23-06 12:13am

ew. school. :(

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