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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2006 at 2:23pm
Music: eisley
i could understand why i might have high blood pressure.

cause it's the end of the year so the shit is hitting the fan in a hardcore manner.

on top of everything else that's happened in the last two weeks.

i've got a paper to write for stupid hispanic culture dumb class.

i have to practice piano and stop pretending that i know what i'm doing.

i have to make up some conversations in spanish, so i can talk about them.

i have surgury two weeks from yesterday.

i still need to work.

and also have a decent social life.

and start bringing things home.

and get a new job. and deal with all the dealies that are dealing right now.

good times.
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03-29-06 4:38pm

yeah. i think everybody's doing that right about now. i know i am.

surgery? details?

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Re:, 03-29-06 9:45pm

endometriosis. maybe.

don't know.

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03-30-06 7:22am

i love you so much beans

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Re:, 03-30-06 1:09pm

love you too little boo.

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