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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 3-30-2006 at 8:02pm
you may not know this, but my humps is a good song to walk to if you're late for class and live two miles away.

11 minutes suckas. eat it.
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03-30-06 11:31pm

ooooo yeah!!! too bad central doesn't suck and isn't 2 miles long! HAW!!!!!! take that western!

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Re:, 03-31-06 12:21pm

contrary to what you believe beans western does not suck.

*slaps you with a smoot named heather b.

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03-30-06 11:44pm

that song is just good period. for any type of anything.

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03-31-06 7:57am

I think that song is retarded

unless it's my overweight balding skills instructor singing it in parody, then it's extremely funny

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Re:, 03-31-06 12:20pm

you're wrong. that is the best song ever.

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03-31-06 12:43pm

i really don't understand the appeal of that song. maybe i just haven't given it the proper time of day, but the few times i have heard it, it did not utilize proper method of bodily friction with me. by which i mean, it rubbed me the wrong way. by which i mean, i didn't like it.

and i'm sorry beans, but unless you were jogging at a pretty decent clip, you could not have possibly been pulling nearly 5 minute miles. it's just not possible without jogging. unless of course you're on a bike. then it's quite possible to do without jogging.

at a leisurely pace, i can jog 2 miles in, i dunno, say 20 mins. at a really fast pace (assuming i don't die), it would be about 15 minutes. but even still, 15 would be crazy fast.

i'm just saying... : )

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Re:, 04-01-06 11:05am


i exagerated that whole distance thing. it is really far to walk in 11 minutes. esp. after you just ate a huge dinner consisiting of a lot of blooming onions and brownies and fruit and also steak. and hor d'orves

but i did walk up a big hill. and around some construction.

and it was windy. kind of.

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