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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2006 at 12:26am
working in a group gives me the mega droop.

yeah i said it.

and piano is so painful that i think it's making me stupid.

fer real though. i only have like three weeks left of school. that's cool. i'm don't with my oral exam in spanish. annnndddd.

i'm frustrated.
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04-05-06 3:54pm

I have a proposition for you! Would you possibly be interested in taking some photos for mi wedding? I would gladly pay you and I know you do an awesome job. Maybe you and Jake could both do it? But you two are definitely coming either way! Friday June 2 in the evening. It's totally up to you

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Re:, 04-05-06 7:53pm

I'll have to see.

If the wedding and reception are seperate, I don't know if I can do both.
And what do you want? Portraits? Candids? Black and White? I guess we can tlak about it.

And you don't have to pay me. It'll be my gift to you guys if I can do it. Just pay for film and processing. That's all.

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Re: Re:, 04-05-06 10:04pm

yeah they're seperate. it's totally up to you. i just figured i wanted you to go and then if you were taking pictures maybe you wouldn't be bored, haha. maybe a portrait, then some black and white ones. that would be nice :) and i'd pay you for whatever costs you need.

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Re: Re: Re:, 04-05-06 10:05pm

I talked to Jessi so I didn't know if she mentioned something...

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04-05-06 9:51pm

beans i was gonna cal you on sunday and see if you wanted to hang out becuaase i was down in k-zoo but then i didn't know if it would be too late and i didn't want to make you feel obligated yaday dyadyaydyaydyaydyaaaaaaa but yeah. someday..

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