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stinko (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2006 at 12:57am
only like three weeks.
i still have . . .
four tests
three projects
two papers
one lab final

this is making my brain hurt.

but summer is going to be bomb.
im leaving the state at least once if it kills me.
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04-07-06 2:08pm

havent seen you in like forever kid, we should hang out sometime in the summer

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04-07-06 2:41pm

I hear alaska is pretty kick ass in the summer. You should go check that out. Maybe you wanna go down and buy a bunch of fireworks before the forth of july, you would get out of the state and get to break the law! :) Hope you do okay with all your school work. just think your almost done and then you only have what 3 years left?

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04-07-06 4:20pm

HEY! YOU! haha. I left you a message on your phone...
The only bad thing about Alaska during the summer is it NEVER gets dark. But I guess that can be a good thing...

Go to MAINE! :)

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04-07-06 11:32pm

GAH!!! Don't leave then you'd die!!!

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04-09-06 3:03pm

maine . . . hmm sounds good.
definately not alaska though, too cold.
well, actually that could be really cool.
and i love fireworks and breaking the law. lez do it.

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