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denation (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2006 at 4:50pm
I'm sorry I hurt your heart.

MORE: I would like to wish THE Anne E. Howland a happy 21st birthday. May your following week be filled with fun, perpetual drunkeness, and D-Town mayhem. And please, call me when you are drunk and leave a voicemail. Those are fun to play back when you are sober ;)

MORE: The little fruity half-mirror on my cellphone cracked today. Does that mean that I'll carry around with me 7 years of bad luck?
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04-09-06 8:37pm

Then why do I feel like you aren't sorry? Are you just done being my friend now that we can't date? Is that it? I'm so lost, Dennis.

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Re:, 04-10-06 12:04am

No, that's not it. Definitely not it. I don't want to not be your friend.

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