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bleedingsun (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2006 at 5:47pm
Music: Nine Inch Nails :: With Teeth
Subject: Twelve Days

Lucky #Slevin is an awesome movie. Everyone, seriously, go see it. It's nice to be seventeen so I can easily see rated R movies. It was such a hassle glueing that beard on so I looked like the guy in my fake ID.

I preordered Ten Thousand Days yesterday at Best Buy. I seriously cannot wait for it to come out. The single goes on the radio the 17th, so, I'll be listening to KLQ the whole day.
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04-09-06 6:30pm

It looked really stupid, but I'll take your word for it as long as you see V for Vendetta.

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Re:, 04-10-06 11:16am

Already saw it.

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