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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 4-13-2006 at 11:37am
so i'm back and badder than ever. i know that isn't even correct, but i mean that i'm a bad-ass. you know how i roll.

i'm not even fully functional and i'm still badder than you. i can't even walk up stairs and i'm such an m-fing baddy mcbadderson sack.

also i can't sleep. freaking a. i went to bed at 10:30. didn't fall asleep til almost one woke up again at 4:30 to read and then woke up again at 6:40 to go to menards and fill out an app. i'm a monster. then i helped jake jump start his car and drove all the way to the zoo and didn't pass out. then i dragged my bag upstairs without any help.

you can't even touch me.

i miss jenna and i don't know where she is and my belly hurts and i'm hungry. and i don't want to put pants on.

okay and these people owe me:
Chris Best-One Georgia Book
Jessica Wilde-Ditto (sorry I keep nagging, I just love my little bookies)
Travis Macdonald-How to Survive the Loss of a Love (I know you don't even read this, but it's not called how to survive the loss of a book) IF ANYONE COMES IN CONTACT WITH THIS CHILD OR HIS TWIN SHOULD NOTIFY HIM OF MY ANGER.
Biondi-The Diary of Marie Antoinette.

That is all.
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04-13-06 1:37pm

it has been given to aaron

that is cute you loaned a book to travis mcdonald.

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04-14-06 1:05pm

i thought i gave georgia to jessie. if i didn't, then i meant to. i know i tried to, then she promptly left it in kevin's car.

i'll snoop around.

we have to have hot sexy times once everyone's back home.

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Re:, 04-14-06 4:05pm

that sounds nice.

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