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mieko (profile) wrote,
on 4-23-2006 at 7:06pm
I'm so emotional, I cry over a person I only know over the internet!
Go me!
I shouldn't have gotten myself into this stupid mess.
Now just make that person an eighth grade boy and I'm all set to become the greatest most emotional pedophile the world has ever seen! =]

Last messages sent to Wyatt:
sedative03: I really am trying to make the situation better.
But I can't if you keep shrugging me off.
imthenewtihs: ...
sedative03: . . . what?
imthenewtihs: Nothing.
sedative03: Okay. Do you care about me? At all?
imthenewtihs: I don't know.
imthenewtihs: I do, but.....
sedative03: ...but...?
imthenewtihs: But, I just don't know.
sedative03: I see.
Okay well.. I'll be here.
You can message me when you're done contemplating obout where I'm fit to stand in your life, if at all.
imthenewtihs: ...
sedative03: ... I just realized my typo. >_>

I totally ruined the moment(s).. with my stupid typo.

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04-23-06 10:21pm

AHGHGH. I hate it when I do that. Its all like "OMG DRAMATIC MOMENT ASYGUJASGAS TYPO" ):

-patpathug- ;_; <33 iluuu

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