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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2006 at 9:51pm

spanish exam. done over. yay. good. piano exam tommorrow and then i'm basically done. i just have to do my online human sexuality exam clean my stuff up and make out with jenna. that's it.

THEN ON TUESDAY I START MY NEW JOBBBIE! yay for me! and thanks JESSICA WILDE. no we're gonna see each other all the time. maybe we'll go out and get crunked after work. ha hahahahahah.

tomorrow i'm having a dance party with the peepers
that'll be sweet.

i'm so burned out right now. like i've never even been so weary. ugh. i almost lost my patience today with the kids. only one more day.

at least i got to eat lemons for dinner. and i got a free sensual massage. good times.
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04-26-06 10:10am

where i be? i be HERE!

here is currently grand valley. i'm going down to richland for the first part of the weekend, but i should be back home by saturday.

why do you ask?

oh hey, your georgia book is at my house (3 mi. and the beltline). it's not going anywhere, if you're interested.

and dani was enquiring as to a luss fest. and i'd still like to go through with operation crash the HS, since it fell through before.

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Re:, 04-26-06 11:27pm

i have a dentist appointment on five mile and plainfield

on monday. i will come over then if you're available.

6th book came out today.

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04-26-06 11:06pm

omg are you a cashier? hoorahayyayay

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Re:, 04-26-06 11:28pm


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04-27-06 5:41am

I told travis mac you wanted your book

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Re:, 04-28-06 12:57am

thanks dude.

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