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izntlifesojuicy (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2006 at 6:24pm
im sorry i dont have a cute little nick name.
im sorry if i get jealous
im sorry im annoying
im sorry i dont throw my self all over more than already do.
im sorry if i'm stupid enough to think it would work
im sorry im not easy enough
im sorry i dont speak that language.
im sorry my hair doesnt fall the right way
or my make up never looks right.
im sorry i even wear make up.
im sorry i never cheated.
im sorry if i wanted you to be happy.
im sorry i dont live off of false hopes.
im sorry if i dont write pity letters.
im sorry if i hurt you.
im sorry if i just seem to rub you the wrong way.
im sorry if i expect more
im sorry i lied.
im sorry i never told you all the things i wanted to say.
im sorry i couldnt give you what you wanted.
im sorry i let you slip away.
im sorry i never seem to fit.
im sorry im not fun.
im sorry if i actually wanted to talk
im sorry i dont make good enough time.
im sorry for the things i never did right, for all the dissapointments, heart breaks, and all the things i did wrong.
lo siento.
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