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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2006 at 9:35pm

well.....I feel sick....I called it didn't I, I said that I was next...but I think it's just because I ate something bad...I just feel like throwing up.

maybe I'll take a shower that always seems to help anything that is bothering me.

I feel so alone lately I haven't really had any human contact in like 44 doesn't count seems how we don't really talk to eachother there and core's been working open to close the past couple of days so I see him for a total of thirty min. before I declare that I am going to pass out and go to bed...our schedules are so messed up right now that I feel l like we don't even really have a relationship except for our carefully scheduled days off together...which tommorow is one...but still even those don't feel right, it just feels as if because we never see eachother we have do everything that we wanted to do in one day and just run around all day and not really get any one on one together....I don't know what to do...I hope it all works itself out some day.

Kate G misses me she said I guess thats a good thing at least I know I have one real true friend. Briana is being a total bitch's like I bend over backwards and walk on eggshells around her just for her to slap me in the face with her "im soooo much better than you" repitare. fuck that. I get so frustrated it's like why try to be friends with anybody if in a couple of months there just going to blow you off whenever you want to hang out.....maybe Im just not friend material. who knows. but kate loves me....but she has to she's my sister....I wonder if that still counts.

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05-04-06 9:56am

i still love you too. tell corey to get a first shift job so he can spend more time telling you how great you are and how much everyone loves you.

because you're great and everyone (that matters) loves you.

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