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wraith6699 (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2006 at 9:37pm
Music: I Robot - Alan Parsons Project
so... here i am not doing a resume that is due again tomorrow and was originally due near the beginning fo the year.

how the hell did i become so damn lazy?

in other news, i'm apparently going to be giving birth for my exam in Drama class. H told us that it's be worth plenty of extra credit if it was me specifically. weird. the child isn't Becky's (shhh).

seriously though, i'm going to have fun telling some freshman girl in my group that good-ol'-steryotypical giving-birth-line: "YOU DID THIS TO ME!"
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05-09-06 11:59pm

When will this be happening? (hour/day)

I think I'd really like to see this.

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05-12-06 1:56pm

bitch. who's kid is it? FRICK!!!!!

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