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atman (profile) wrote,
on 5-15-2006 at 3:25pm
Music: Window Washer's Dream
Subject: Dez is gone.../sadface
This weekend was a blast. All the way from the "LFG USA" to the "Why the FUCK can't I leave this damn country yet?!" Friday morning with bill was fun, and we even got lost on the way to eden! I DID find our way back to plainfield though, because believe it or not, I had a faint idea of where we were. Dez met everyone at eden, then we dropped bill off, I showed her my house, then went off to get an interview. Oh, and for everyone here...


btw charlie, if you are reading this, thank you ever so much for calling me back from wendys...< incredible sarcasm
We rented a bunch of movies friday night, and watched them. I couldn't believe that dez never saw office space. How do you NOT see office space? Then we watched Kung Fu Hustle, and that was badass. If you haven't seen it because it looks 'weird', stop being a freak and watch it. We woke up at 7 the next morning though, to have some breakfast! Then...uh...promptly went back to bed til 3...yea, I'm an excellent tour guide. The best part of michigan is sleeping in til 3 on rainy days. After that, we went to kevin's for an uber lan. That was pretty cool too. We woke up on sunday and took off for the airport, but her plane wouldn't let her leave so she couldn't go back til today. So last night she went to my grand mothers and after I got a lot of abuse (wet willies and wedgies...four on one is NOT fair) we went home and watched the Emperor's New Groove, as my parents never saw it. Then we went to my room and watched TV til 12:15 or so, and slept. Til about 12:30 this morning. Then I took her back to the airport and she went home to dale, whom I'm sure has been freaking out this whole weekend. Other than that, I don't have much going on, but certain people *coughchriscough* I must get in touch with so that massive 'hanging out' can occur. Not much to report until I start my job, so, later kiddies.
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05-15-06 8:38pm

i want in on this 'hanging out' too

also, gratz on the job

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05-16-06 12:31am

where are you working? i'm sure i know and i've just forgotten.

i'm sorry i missed the ueberlan. mothers' day festivities overruled any social activities.

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05-17-06 7:56pm

i think you'd be a good parent, simply because you could relate to the kids in a way that i never could, because you kind of are one. i've never been a kid in my entire life, and so when the time comes, i probably won't know where they're coming from at all.

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Re:, 05-18-06 8:45pm

you were never a kid because you never chose to be a kid.

Get over it.

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05-20-06 11:55am

June 3rd
14080 Shaner Ave
Open House
Be there

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05-28-06 5:15am


hi !!! (yup, that is all)


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